It is our goal as NutriCoaches, to help our clients discover food all over again and to fall in love with cooking.

NutriCoaches are uniquely qualified by virtue of this program, to help their clients learn how to eat delicious, nutrient dense food.

This goal is accomplished through the NutriCoach curriculum which builds upon the foundation of good, solid nutrition and cooking skills. Without the ability to cook, nutrition is an afterthought.


Here’s What We’ll Cover

There are 12 modules in the curriculum, all designed to build the next level skill from the last one learned. And much like our clients, NutriCoaches become proficient by doing--this is a certification program that requires hands on skills--not just book knowledge.

The C.A.S.T System

During the course of your modules, you will be given additional learning materials so you can begin to see, feel and know your brand new business in a way that is more tangible than just a bunch of goals written down in a journal, only to be forgotten. It is when we can vividly “see” what it is that we are trying to create, work from our imaginations and therefore truly cast a vision of our future businesses--this is when it all starts to come together.

The C.A.S.T System has been created to help you do just that--creatively engage with your business to ensure all the moving parts are in place before you hang your shingle.

You will learn to:

Create your mission.

Your mission statement will reflect your values and your desire to serve your community with cooking and nutrition. With this mission statement firmly in place, you will learn to cast your vision on what your business will look like 90 days from now.

Assemble your avatar.

Until you know exactly who you will be serving, you cannot serve effectively. Your avatar’s creation will come from what you understand and know--but it will also come from research and in this step, you will learn precisely how to do that.

Set your goals.

With your mission and vision clearly delineated and your avatar detailed out, it is time to set goals to create the business of your dreams!

Take action.

An action plan is the result of a well thought out mission with your avatar in mind, using goals to get you there. Action is easy when all of these steps have been accomplished.

The Perks of Being a NutriCoach Student

Lifetime Access

Access to new course modules and materials

At NutriCoach, we are always striving to add new information, skills and knowledge to help you become the best NutriCoach you can be.

As a NutriCoach you have lifetime access to the NutriCoach School giving you an edge to always be on the forefront of knowledge.

Dinner Answers Program  

Saving Dinner's Proprietary Menu Planning

You will have lifetime access to Dinner Answers. This program will help you successfully plan menus for your clients and give you the ability to access every style of eating plus 1000's of recipes.

You will also be able to create continual income with Saving Dinner's affiliate program.



Alumni Facebook Group

Network and share information with other NutriCoaches.

In our private Facebook group, we share everything from problems to solutions to new ideas and more. 

Are you ready to be a NutriCoach?

Module Details

Module 1
How To Become Your Own Nutritional Guru

As a NutriCoach, understanding the basics of nutrition is crucial for self-discovery of what works for you and what does not. Being nutritionally prescriptive, as in one nutritional size fits all, is unwise for anyone. Helping your clients find their own “nutritional gurus” is what NutriCoaches are about--and it is from this basic understanding we can support our clients with our services.

Module 2
Nutrition Basics: Understanding Macro and Micro Nutrients

Nutrition is not biased, but we certainly are. Nutrition can become as polarizing as a discussion about politics or religion at the family Thanksgiving table. In this module, you will learn the very basics of nutrition, understand what we know and don’t know. Nutritional recommendations very much hinge on the “myth of nutritional precision”--this is what Dr. Gyorgy Scrinis, author of Nutritionism: The Science and Politics of Dietary Advice calls it. In other words, scientists hold to an “exaggerated belief” that they understand more about the complex interactions of nutrients than they really do.

NutriCoaches are humble in their assessment of what food does and doesn’t do--this is why we start with Module 1, then move into Module 2 for a better unpacking of nutrition.

Module 3
Create Your NutriCoach Kitchen

The kitchen is our laboratory for nutritional discovery. Therefore it needs to be organized in such a fashion as to encourage experimentation, creativity and the practice of skills. There’s a correct way to organize your NutriCoach kitchen in such a way that it will stay that way and make work in the kitchen a pleasure and not a burden.


Module 4
Kitchen Skills: Learning the Art of Mis En Place and Safe Knife Skills

These two skills--mis en place and learning how to handle a chef’s knife correctly--will completely revolutionize the way you cook. In this module, you will learn how to set up for success when cooking a recipe and clean it up without looking like the kitchen self-imploded. Add to that some serious but easy to learn knife skills and cooking will never be the same!


Module 5
Kitchen Chemistry: Fat, Acid, Salt and Heat

These 4 elements--fat, acid, salt and heat--are the basic building blocks for making magic happen in the kitchen. In this module, we break them all down and understand the complexity of flavor through flavor profiles and layering these elements to create our own recipes or enrich an otherwise bland recipe.

With a nod and thanks to Samin Nosrat, author of the New York Times bestselling book, Fat, Acid, Salt and Heat, her book helps to create a wonderful framework to understand the chemical processes of cooking in the simplest of terms.


Module 6
Choosing Quality Food

The quality of the food you eat is equally as important as making it taste good! In this module, we break down what needs to be organic, what doesn’t have to be, how to source your food and what to look for when choosing meat, fish and produce.

In the lesson, we will also talk about having that conversation with your client. There’s a right way to present this information and a wrong way--you just need to know the difference!

Module 7
Herbs and Spices

In this module, we break down what herbs and spices can do--how to build flavor using them, when to use fresh, when to use dried. How to choose them, when to toss them and where to find the best quality herbs and spices for very little money.


Module 8
Soup Making: Broths, Stocks and Soups

There’s a big difference between soup in a can and a homemade soup. Likewise there’s a big difference between chicken broth in a carton and homemade bone broth. In this module, we break it all down and learn the particularities of each one.


Module 9
Fermentation and Sprouting

Two often overlooked foods in the quest for healthy eating, the simple art of sprouting and fermenting will ratchet up one’s nutritional profile quickly. A discussion of all the different ways to ferment, sprout and use these foods in your cooking.


Module 10
Hospitality and Entertaining

As a NutriCoach’s client becomes more self-assured in the kitchen, the conversation likely turns to entertaining at home, the gift of hospitality and the “how to’s” of successfully hosting a dinner party or other event in their home.

In this module, we break it all down--from sit down dinner party, to a cocktail party (passed or with stations) and how to create the ultimate convivial atmosphere for party guests.


Module 11
Meal Planning and Recipe Creation

Meal planning is the holy grail for getting dinner on the table night after night and NutriCoaches are experts in meal planning for their clients. In this module, we discuss how this is done specifically for your clients using Dinner Answers as a tool as well as creating menus from scratch.

Recipe creation equips the NutriCoach to not only create amazing recipes, but also to have recipes that are print worthy whether they are in their own blogs or as a guest blogger or even write their own cookbook.


Module 12
Big Business!

Wrapping up NutriCoach, having completed the CAST Business System, it’s time to get granular with your business: what your services will look like, how to price them, how to use social media based on your avatar, where to find leads, get referrals and how to nurture them.

If you’ve chosen NutriCoach certification with coaching, you will meet one on one with Leanne or another NutriCoach Coach to help you plan your business and the next 90 days.

Are you ready to be a NutriCoach?


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